Responsible Sourcing

Leveraging the expertise and know-how of our packaging and sourcing veterans

We are privileged to have worked with clients from different industries with unique packaging interests and needs.

With hands-on experiences on the different manufacturing procedures, we are capable of offering practical advice on the selection of materials, production methods and logistics arrangement.

Takeaway Box

F&B packaging

Products: Cutlery, Paper Cups, Food Containers, Cold Cups, Napkins, Bowls etc. 


General packaging 

Products: Adhesive Tapes, Liners, Loose/Void Fills, Cushioning etc.

Beer Delivery

Beverage packaging

Products: Bottles, Cans, Carriers, Master Cartons, Wraparound, Labels, Drink Pouches etc.

Printing Machine Ink


Products: Sealing machine, Cushioning machine etc.  

Delivery of Boxes

Boxes and cartons

Products: Agricultural Trays and Cartons, Regular Slotted Cartons (RSC), Partitions etc. 

Large Paper Rolls

Raw materials

Products: Paper Boards, Corrugated Boards, Resins, Films etc.