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Responsible Sourcing

Leveraging the expertise and know-how of our packaging and sourcing veterans

We are privileged to have worked with clients from different industries with unique packaging interests and needs.

With hands-on experiences on the different manufacturing procedures, we are capable of offering practical advice on the selection of materials, production methods and logistics arrangement.

Takeaway Box

F&B packaging

Cutlery, Paper Cups, Food Containers, Cold Cups, Napkins, Bowls etc. 


General packaging 

Products: Adhesive Tapes, Liners, Loose/Void Fills, Cushioning etc.

Beer Delivery

Beverage packaging

Bottles, Cans, Carriers, Master Cartons, Wraparound, Labels, Drink Pouches etc.

Printing Machine Ink


Products: Sealing machine, Cushioning machine etc.  

Delivery of Boxes

Boxes and cartons

Agricultural Trays and Cartons, Regular Slotted Cartons (RSC), Partitions etc. 

Large Paper Rolls

Raw materials

Paper Boards, Corrugated Boards, Resins, Films etc. 

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